Side Effects

I woke up from my pillow tower feeling even worse than when I went to bed. As I took my daily medicines, I started putting the pieces together and realize that I hadn’t done a number 2 in a while. After I mentioned my theory to Cyndy, she googled my medicines side-effect, and there it was Zofran : Constipation…betrayed by my best medicine.

I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but I get fevers proportional to how full of crap I am. My fever was 104 this time, much higher than the doctor wanted. I called the triage line and had a chat. During this chat I found out that the first, and best, line of defense for constipation is prune juice, and that doctors really do like to throw precautionary antibiotics at everything.

After emergency prune juice and some quality alone time, my fever dropped 2 degrees. This was followed by some late night alone time that was a bit more harrowing, but silver lining: no fever.

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