The First Day Home

Technically the first day back started Sunday afternoon, but really, it was just a lot of hugs and sleeping. The meds from the hospital were still in full effect, and I ate a sandwich, no problem.

Monday, was really the first day out of the hospital, and it was starting to show indications of things to come. I should also mention that I got sent home without any medications of any kind. I later found out that there was an oversight, not that my doctor thought I was such a rockstar that I simply wouldn’t need any medicinal help (as I originally thought). Several of the care packages that I had received included over-the-counter anti-nausea aids…they were not enough, and I burned through them at a spectacular rate.

I tried eating and tried not throwing up, it wasn’t meant to be…I can’t taste anything and I feel so physically weak, it’s hard to pull the top off a can of soup. I alternate between extremely tired and violently ill. Somehow I made it to bedtime, and was able to take Prilosec, which I have to say is a performer in and out of the hospital. Propped up on a pillow tower, I can get some sleep, only waking to get back on the pillow tower which is a constant battle..

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