The Real Recovery Challenge

What’s worse than losing your taste and smell? Losing it while your stomach and intestine lining die. It’s a special experience that I would not wish on my worst enemies.

In this second cycle, the phases of this process are becoming more pronounced. It is now obvious exactly what parts of me are dying and what parts are going through recovery. Currently it’s the digestive track’s turn to die. It’s the weakest I’ll feel and I can start to eat and taste better everyday after I get through the low point. This time the low point lasted four days.

Not too bad at all, I’ve seen the journey of others, and I choose to be thankful. It’s so rough, but I can definitely handle this, especially thanks to the amazing care from Cyndy and City of Hope. I literally have no idea how I would make it through this without my wife. I’m the luckiest guy.

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