After the 24 Hour

The next morning I’m ready for the PICC line to be installed. It’s nice and quick, then blood can be drawn from it as well as chemo administered through it. It’s especially nice that I don’t have to get poked twice a day for blood draws. The only maintenance is a weekly bandage change, not too bad.

They eventually switch the chemo to the PICC line, instead of the peripheral. I feel pretty good still, but I did get a bunch of preventative meds, even one that doubles as an antipsychotic! I’m such a lucky guy.

As the first infusion of Paclitaxel finishes infusing at 9:30pm, they are getting me ready for “the big guns”. Now four different anti-nausea medications. These infusions are much shorter, an hour for the Ifosfamide, and half hour for the Cisplatin.

It’s after 2:30am before the infusions finish up, and I finally fall into an uneasy sleep…until my next vital check.

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