The Third Day

I slept well past the cafeteria opening. Which is normally not a big deal, but it makes them very nervous when people getting infused don’t eat. I received several increasingly concerned phone calls, inquiring why I hadn’t yet ordered food. Honestly, the menu is pretty good for a hospital. It takes a minute to pick something when you’re not that familiar with the choices, especially in between getting all the morning tests and labs done.

Today, I also have to do a testicular ultrasound on the one that’s left…also it’s the left one. Strictly as a triple check. The end of the story is that there is such thing as too much ultrasound gel, and it’s a little disheartening to have all your good parts discussed as ‘unremarkable’.

Getting ready for the nights infusions! Going to be so great, especially since I can literally feel the neck tumor softening. Same routine, they can’t start the infusion until almost 10:30pm. They are going to get doctor approval for tomorrow’s infusion to get moved up 2 hours. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

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