Making it Half Way

So after getting to know the staff and procedures around the hospital, I’m feeling fairly comfortable. Since arrival, I have been getting infused with salt water, no exception or break, to keep me at maximum hydration. Which I didn’t realize can start to pool in your lower extremities, specifically in joints. Now all my lower joints are tight and achy, and I’ve gained almost 10lbs.

The easy solution is walking around a little bit…unfortunately I didn’t know this effective trick, so I’ve been sitting or laying down since I got here…all bad. Now I’m cruising around the halls of the hospital, and I see a open door to the outside. I haven’t been outside or gotten any sun since I checked into this place, so I immediately take the opportunity. As I’m dancing around the little courtyard I find myself in, with my super expensive infusion rack, a security guard comes over to me with a little worry in his eyes. He informs me that not unlike a prison, I’m not allowed to be outside, and that I need to take my immuno-compromised body and connected infuser and get back inside immediately. As I go back inside, I realize that the little chair next to the door was probably where he should have been sitting to prevent me from leaving in the first place, but I’m glad for his lapse…it felt amazing to be in the sun for a bit.

They finally moved the infusions up, maybe I’ll get some good sleep tonight. We’ll see 🙂

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