Bandage Pilgrimage

I forgot to mention that last week, like this week, I had to get my PICC Line bandage changed. City of Hope Administration finally talked amongst themselves and approved the Newport Beach location to perform some of the maintenance like booster shots and bandage changes.

I still can’t drive, so my partner/chauffeur and my wonderful baby escorted me to the Newport infusion center.

City of Hope has some of the best staff I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with. They took all the vitals and changed the bandage in under 20 minutes, and we had good conversation the whole time. Honestly I hope we didn’t disturb the mostly sleeping people getting infused all around us.

So, I now get to goto the Newport infusion center once a week during my off weeks. I guess the doctors are trying to make sure I don’t develop a life threatening infection in the line that goes directly to my heart. Please carry on, dear medical staff.

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