Dental Work for the Win

Today is when I finally get all my teeth fixed up so I won’t have any issues through the end of chemo treatments…or so I thought. Upon arrival I was told multiple times that I had so much work to be done, it couldn’t be completed in one day. The office has a policy of only working on one side on the mouth at a time. Evidently, if both sides of your face are numb, a person tends to chomp holes out of their squishy mount parts.

Rebuilding the crumbled teeth is most important, so left side first. The dentist shot me all over the top and bottom. The entire bottom left quarter of my face is completely numb. They gave me huge glasses too, not sure why, but if they are giving, then I’m taking. My dentist has all the gadgets, he works fairly quickly, but I wouldn’t know, cause I fell asleep during the entire middle of it.

Quite unfortunately, while I was asleep, the assistant got a little generous with the rinse water. So I choked myself awake right as the dentist was trying to seat the cap. He was gracious enough to give me a minute, then let me know that this was a crucial point to hold still. Through everything he was efficient and precise. All the work he did has been thoroughly tested and fits perfectly.

I have to go back in another 3 weeks for the other half, until then at least I can use half a mouth.

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