Doctor Switch-Up

I had been patiently waiting for my appointment with the oncologist, when suddenly, the day before my Friday appointment, City of Hope called me to let know they discovered an error. My cancer was outside the specialty of the doctor that I was being paired with!

Alarm and shock! I needed treatment fast, and this was yet another delay. It turns out that the best doctor for my type of cancer is based out of Duarte, 15 minutes north of Pasadena. That development threw all sorts of wrenches into the vision of treatment that I had.

It took a while to convince the scheduling nurse that I needed to get an emergency appointment. The cancers that they are used to grow slowly enough that a month one way or the other doesn’t make much difference. I however, might not have that time.. I now had a new appointment for Monday. Another 4 day wait…

I was delighted, however to learn that I was meeting with the head of the department for my particular type of cancer…progress.

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