Finding The Right Doctor

So, as the reality of having to go through cancer treatments again sank in, Cyndy and I had the task of finding the best doctor for this type of cancer.

After asking friends and family, we consulted the great and powerful google. After several days of getting feedback and evaluating, City of Hope stood out. Cancer specific, with some of the latest treatments in the world. It didn’t hurt that they have an infusion center in Newport Beach, not too far from where I live with beautiful ocean views. It was a cherry on top of an already stellar record. However, I eventually learned that I wouldn’t be able to take any treatments there because of bureaucracy.

After having called in several times, checking doctor availability and scheduling the soonest appointment, I would be waiting about two and half weeks. The rest of the appointment times were over a month and a half away. I was really quite surprised, but I guess a lot of people have cancer nowadays…

I was scheduled with a young doctor who managed to build quite a reputation for his innovation and skill. I was quite excited and optimistic about the whole prospect.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans…

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