Finding a Doctor

Finding a doctor to look at my neck ended up being more complex that we thought it would be. After some googling, Cyndy and I decided that an ENT would be the fastest route to answers. As it happens though, a lot of ENTs don’t consider the collar bone to be part of their purview.

After finally finding an ENT with a bigger field of view, we scheduled a quick visit. He declared that I probably had thyroid cancer and it was no big deal, a quick surgery and a lifetime of hormone pills would fix me right up. However, we needed to do a biopsy to confirm.

Three days later I got a biopsy. We had preliminary findings that had to be sent out to confirm. After taking one look at the slides, the doctor said this looks a lot like a germ cell tumor…my heart sank, because that meant my testicular cancer had come back, but now it was in my neck.

The cancer I thought I beat had come back, and it was as aggressive as ever. The only advice that the two doctors could give me was to find a good oncologist, and stay positive.

So the search began…

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