Hospital Week 2

I’m in a different Unit this week, my room is still en-suite, but only the shower, and my suite-mate is not mobile, so basically I have a large private room and facilities to myself. The week whisks by, although I deteriorate faster this time. It keeps getting hammered home that these chemo drugs are more aggressive that the last ones that had 10 years ago. I’m grateful to have these other treatment options though, my cancer isn’t exactly envogue like some of the others. I’m making life saving progress and that’s all I care about!

I feel the loneliness of the hospital more acutely this time too. I’m not sure that it can be helped much either, I’m so tired most of the time that even chatting on the phone is hard. I just feel like I’m not giving properly to the people on the other end of the conversation.

I ended up watching all the Harry Potter movies by the end of the week. It had been on my todo list since the last one came out in….2011. All in all, another week in the bag, and I’m very ready to go home and start the ‘hunger games of recovery’ for the next 7-10 days. Something tells me this cycle is going to be more difficult than last round.

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