The First Moment of Truth

After a fairly pleasant weekend, it’s time to head back into the hospital for the second cycle. Which, after another negative covid test, happens to suddenly be mid-morning. I’m already in the gown before lunch and getting infused by mid-afternoon. It’s much better than the 2am wrap-up that went on last time.

The information that I’m very, very interested in is the AFP (Alpha Fetoprotein) numbers that are the main and only indicator of progress in this treatment battle. It should be less than 10 in a normal adult male human. Mine was around 160,000 when I started, which is why there was so much concern from the doctor…that number is beyond super bad. Right now, waiting for the test results, which should come back this afternoon is all that I can think about…which is unfortunate, because I wasted an entire afternoon.

The results didn’t come in till well into the evening. The doctor told me last cycle that the expected result from the text book would be that the AFP should be around 80,000 in my case. Which is almost precisely what my numbers are. I am proceeding at a text book pace. It’s a place that I am super excited to be.

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